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Default Flac and Battery life

Hey guys! i was just curious, i heard someone say that the battery life for flac is 5 hours only...... is that true?
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I have all my music in flac on my S9 and battery life is still very good. I listen for a couple of hours each day and it lasts well over a week. The funny thing is all my music on my ZuneHD is wma lossless and the player has terrible battery life... maybe a couple of days.
El Mono
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25-27 hours is what I've tracked playing Flac, after that I forgot to keep track. This is with just some basic BBE settings. Battery life also depends on the volume you use (I've mine usually between 15-19) and the amount of BBE enhancements being used. The more BBE enhancements the less battery life. Earlier I was using high settings in BBE & my S9 was not going beyond 39-40 hours.

With mixed playback (not just Flac), some people here seem to get about 50 hours (as per what I've read around).
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FLAC is a very efficient codec, it's actually easier to decode than MP3.
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Wow! LOL I Dont know where i heard that FLAC Only lasts for 5 Hours LOL

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