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Default Quartz lock pitch control

I bought a Professional model WM-D6 recorder with a plug in microphone for about $600 way back when that was very serious money. I've never been afraid to invest in the best, where music is concerned.

The unique feature is a quartz clock locking the speed of the capstan servo, ensuring absolute pitch control. When you recorded with this baby your playback is right on A=440 concert pitch, if the musicians were tuned up (and they were where I recorded).

On the back it has an on/off speed control with a dial for adjusting pitch if the musicians forgot to tune up.

Has a front switch for three tape types; normal, chromium dioxide, and metal. Also Dolby, line in, line out, mic in, and two headphones out, everything in stereo of course.

Came with a high quality plush lined leather case and shoulder strap.

Everything still works!!, except it has so many miles on it that you can hear the bearings grinding and stuttering. But the quartz lock still makes it hold true on the speed!!

Every button and switch still works perfectly.

They do NOT build them like they used to.

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