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Default Earbud headphones, which one?

Ok i see there are a lot of similar posts but ill just be a little more specific.I'm looking for good noise dampening earphones that are less then 100$. Im looking for one that has a small mold for my small ears that wont hurt or cause that ringing sensation afterwards. I got a pair of earphones, i wont name them because it doesn't matter, but I didn't realize that: 1) having the left ear bud cord shorter is actually something to stay away from 2) the plugs were silicon BUT they were not solid they had flaps underneath which makes putting them in the ear difficult.

Id like to avoid this. Anyone have any favorites they personally have or tried.

I was looking at the Creative Aurvanas, how are they? And those Sennheiser ones with the foam molding, but they were a bit overpriced.
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well what do you want for sound quality?

for clean, and clear, get some Etymotic ER6i. but these IEMsare a little lifeless and lack a lot in the bass section.

but i have heard the new V-Moda Vibes are good all around IEMs with comfortable tips and decent isolation.


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What about these Sennheiser CX300s, i really like sennheiser but they are bit overpriced.
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