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Default A good universal soft pouch for carrying the S9?

A good universal soft pouch for carrying the S9? Does anybody know of a good one? Something soft that wont hurt the screen. Anything from a local electronics store would be nice too. (Bestbuy or w/e)
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I bought a Case Logic UP-2 Universal Pockets from Amazon. I saw it in a local Office Depot as well. It's nothing fancy but it does what I need it to do which is to add a bit of padding to my S9 when it's stuffed into my backpack.
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If you go over to you'll see a bunch of ipod pouches. I got one for my s9. Its a little wider, so my s9 can slide side to side a little bit. But its probably going to take 3 weeks to get to you, so order keeping that in mind. But how can you beat 99cents + free shipping?
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I'm looking for a nice soft pouch for my S9 also. A friend has one of those new-ish Nokia phones that look a lot like a Blackberry, and it comes with a nice semi-soft, semi-hard case that fits the S9 PERFECTLY. If I find a pic I will edit this post with a link to it.

EDIT: Image of Nokia E71 with pouch that fits the S9:
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As I mentioned in another thread, I have a Raine Inc law enforcement belt pouch that is extremely sturdy. I believe I have the Item #0052 - Universal Beeper Pouch.

This Case Adjusts Via Velcro To Fit All Sizes Of Pagers
Durable Polypro Webbing - Is Unaffected By Water, Oil Or Mildew
Secure Hook And Loop Closures.

Unfortunately it is not pictured, but the bottom, top, and both sides adjust. It holds my S9 very nicely. It's made out of heavy webbing with lots of Velcro. All in all it provides good protection for the S9. I place my S9 into the case with the audio out on the bottom, and the screen faces me, towards the back of the case. The velcro is so strong, I can run the headphone chord in between the Velcro of the top flap, and it prevents the chord from being jerked in the Audio Out jack. I should mention that my head phones have an "L" connector so the S9 rides atop the connect when I'm out exercising and listening to it. I got mine at a Military Surplus Store in Engelwood, Colorado.

I did find a picture:
Universal Beeper/Pager Pouch - Raine, Inc.

Universal Beeper/Pager Pouch

  • This Case Adjusts Via Hook And Loop Fasteners To Fit All Sizes Of Pagers
  • Durable Polypro Webbing Is Unaffected By Water, Oil Or Mildew
  • Secure Hook And Loop Closures
  • Fits Belts Up To 2" Wide
Raine Inc. Lifetime Guarantee: If this product fails due to defects in materials or workmanship, Raine Inc. will repair or replace it at our option. Failure due to normal wear and tear, accidents, or product alterations are not covered. All warranty returns must be approved.

Our Price: $9.99

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The Mofi pouch fits nicely and is very well made.

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