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Default Seeking definitive word on S9 + os x = ?

Hi everyone,

Today I bought an 32gb S9 (the straight-out-of-box firmware is version 2.41). I do own a laptop running vista, but it is my “work computer” and I don't keep any mp3's, etc. on it. The computer I use as my “entertainment/media computer” is an older powerbook g4 running osx 10.5.8. Now, during the few hours that my shiny new S9 has been plugged into the wall and completing its initial battery charge, I've been reading the nightmare stories posted here re: “bricking” the device during file transfers with linux/unix machines.

Two items of note:

First, in a panic, I went to the cowon website and just had a brief online chat with a support representative who assured me that the device IS compatible with my system (although they also did acknowledge that some people have had “problems” during data transfer previously)...

Second, the troubleshooting chapter in the user's guide has this as the very last entry:

+ For users with MAC OS(version 10.5 or above,
Leopard OS), note that it requires formatting the device
using MAC OS if the device malfunctions. “

It seems like the risk is large (a $260+ brick). Also, should significant problems develop, I'm not the most technically savvy person (I could probably follow instructions, but that's about it). What is the overall consensus- Is it safe to transfer mp3's off my mac in msc mode and just follow the instructions to reformat if it balks? Do I try formatting the device before ever beginning data transfer? Do I transfer the 30gbs of mp3's that I'd like to put on the S9 all over to my vista laptop first, then sync vista->s9 in order to eliminate this risk?

Thanks in advance

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Going on my experience with Linux and my new S9, I would format it right off the bat. Download the Panasonic formatting tool for Wndows, and run it on the device via your Vista laptop. And always mount / unmount the device correctly (regardless of what OS you use).

I did this on my S9, and it's been running flawlessly for the last week.
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there's a lot of varied information out there regarding the 32GB S9 and Mac OS X, unfortunately some of it is misleading. here's what has happened so far with my 32GB S9 (w/ 2.50 FW) and my MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.8, and I am definitely not the only one:

1) Plugged in the S9 and the Mac recognized it immediately - no problem transferring over GBs of FLAC files.
2) Ejected the S9 properly and disconnected the USB cable.
3) Turned on the S9 and tried to access my music folders and it froze. This was on Folders, Albums, Genres, basically any folder that will reference music files transferred by the Mac.

The first recommendation I read was to first format the S9 with a Mac-based format method using Disk Utility. I formatted it with Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) method. I then copied over a music folder, ejected the S9, and once again, after booting up the S9 froze when trying to access the folder.

The second recommendation I read was to format the S9 as FAT32. It made no difference. The S9 still freezes after any Mac-based file transfer.

The third and most interesting recommendation I read was to install the BlueHarvest application which prevents certain Mac "trash" files from being written to external devices. The reasoning was that these files cannot be interpreted properly by the S9 firmware and it freezes the system. Sounds reasonable enough, but unfortunately, running BlueHarvest on my next file transfer did not prevent the S9 from freezing again the next time it was powered on.

So I've tried formatting in both Mac OS Extended, formatting in FAT32, and running BlueHarvest to block the Mac "trash" from going to the S9, and still, each and every time the S9 freezes after any file transfer. The ONLY thing that has worked for me is using my Windows 7 partition and transferring files to the S9 that way - but, it is a major hassle because even though I have my Mac partition shared via VMWare Fusion3 and I can copy files directly from that partition to the S9, via Windows 7 of course, it still takes approximately twice as long than if I was in the Mac partition. Not fun.
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one thing i'm going to try tomorrow is to copy all the files from my Mac partition to the S9, then connect it to Windows via Fusion and manually delete the Mac trash files and see if that works. maybe, it just takes Windows giving it the "final touches" and you don't have to use Windows for the entire process. will report back with any new findings tomorrow or Wednesday.
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