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read claw's wiki for details
also newone has a tutorial posted somewhere on the forum

to give you an example of what claw's wallpaper uci allows you to do I'll describe my setup.

I have some customized settings through his settings that vanilla S9 doesn't have available. These are things like changing wallpapers on each of the screens periodically during the day. I also use the Buuf Large Icon theme on the first mainmenu. I switch on the fly between Chrome and Cool Icon themes on the second mainmenu. And thanks to Claw, you have access to a third mainmenu screen. On the extra mainmenu I'm using Aero Ultimate G2 with Dark Evolution as the music screen to keep a dnw theme available. I also use Claw's lock widget just keeping the screen on a pretty screen with album art. For fun I have a Dart custom Icon and Speed custom Icon to access a couple of games that are available without locking out the music as most games do.

So to sum up what using Claw's wallpaper theme will do. It allows functionality and controls that vanilla S9 doesn't provide that address most of the big shortcomings of the user interface that discussed in reviews when the S9 was first released. Icon themes allow you to change the appearance of the vanilla icons to something that suits your own preferences. IMO the standard one are rather plain on firmware's before 2.50. The 2.50 ones are hideous and just using Claw's interface will allow you to be rid of the "new" directioin Cowon has decided to go. Along with themes, you can add icons for .swf applications. He also has a few good optional widgets available that can be viewed as upgraded interface. Also, you get an extra mainmenu to play with. This gives you an extra place to tryout other compatible UCIs. And as UCIs go, you can mix and match the interface you want on any of the 3 available screens by simply renaming the file with either a prefix or a suffix. Oddly, the original point of the UCI was to allow you to change wallpaper as you desire. It still does that and with simple controls that allow you to predefine the wallpaper for different times of the day. But along with the wallpapers, you get a great platform to mix up the look of the S9 by simple control to switch to another developers UCI while retaining Claw added features that the others haven't added to their design.

Once you have Claw's UCI installed, I highly recommend you going over to to have a look at the availability of UCIs. Right now dnw has a really great music UCI that still in Beta release. Right now he's adding some really great features that make the vanilla interface just look amateur. As well, his Aero Ultimate G2 mainmenu is huge step away from vanilla S9. It has widgets built into it and some really cool gesture commands. Right now I'm using it a lot. But, I still go back to Claw's interface, just to see some wallpaper and wicked icons. AUG2 is really cool functionally, but, it's dark and in some regard reminds me of an iTouch. It's better than the iTouch. The gestures and widgets are just too cool. So, going back to Claw's interface you lose the gestures and quick access menus, but, you get the wallpapers and the choice of a wide array of icon themes that a lot of people have made available.
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