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Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
The Clip+ does not do a good job powering 64 ohm headphones.
It works fine. Drives my HD280s uncomfortably loud and the distortion is very low.

And anyway you don't need ridiculous sensitivity on a pair of closed headphones. They're isolating you from the outside so that you can listen at comfortable levels. Thats the whole idea of closed cans

Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
It doesn't work well with my 63 ohm Sony V6 headphones. The sensitivity of the HD280 pro is 102 db/V, which is just 96 db/mw. The Sony V6 is 106 db/mw. If the Clip+ doesn't adequately power my V6(it seems loud enough at max volume but the sound sounds constrained), it surely isn't going to properly power the HD280 pro. The Clip+ and Fuze work best with 16 ohm earphones, but will also work quite well with headphones up to 32 ohms. much above 32 ohms though, and the Fuze and Clip+ don't do so well.
"sound sounds constrained" is just typical audio gibberish. The Clip works great at higher impedances:

The 48 ohm results are even better then the 16 ohm results. Which is to be expected, since higher impedances load the amp less. Theres basically no DAP on earth that drives best at 16 ohms since even if it handles 16 well, it'll handle 32 even better.
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