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More powerful CPUs as your answer? You have to trade off battery life for speed. Have you even seen the battery on the zuneHD, it is smaller than the S9. The trade off with that board is the other chips are average or less.

I didn't infer MTP is inferior to MSC, I said in so many words that the current implementation is crap across the board on devices with MTP. MSC only supports drag and drop from a OS, when did I say anywhere there that managing is better. Management in MSC is ALL on the user's ability to self manage. Which is in most cases what is only needed.

You must have something confused, I am not looking for speed, I am looking for capacity with the least amount of time to manage it accross different OSes.

As for me to blame MTP for my gigabytes library issues, I have terabyte issues where MTP is the least of my problems.

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