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Default Cowon D2, copy speed..?

I got my Cowon D2 (with 1SEG, or TV if u like..) 2-3 years back and it's been a great ride and hopefully will continue a couple of more years.

However, since installing Vista, and half a year back, Windows 7, the copy speed (mp3 files, pictures, backup whatever) has been seemingly slow.. At worst 1mb/ps at best 2mb/ps..

I'm using a Dell laptop, is there some setting that can make things speed up a little?

What speed do you get on your OS, type of pc/mac (lap/desk top)?

Thanks for looking
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If you're using windows I highly recommend TeraCopy It's really sped up all my copying whether from partition to partition or from my HD to an mp3 player. Note, however, that flash memory can only write so fast. 1-2 mbps does sound pretty slow, though
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i get around 2.50MB to 3.80MB with my system. Windows 7 is awesome btw
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I get about 5-9Mbs with XP and tera copy on a good day-it varies
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Besides using Teracopy - which is a truly excellent app - I'd recommend formatting the internal memory and SD card with the Panasonic SD formatter. That one speeds up things as well, it's much better suited for formatting these kinds of flash memories than the Windows formatter.
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