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Default Copying video recorded from TV

I have never really sorted this and hope someone can help.

I use a programme called AVerTV to record TV programmes onto my computer and I want to transfer these programmes from my computer onto my D2 - but without having to go through the whole conversion procedure (because it takes so long and is a pain).

The AVerTV offers the following conversion options (for recording from TV onto my computer) -


.. but it only offers the following choices of image size

352x240/352x288, 640x480/704x576, 720x480/720x576, 160x120/176x144

None of these seem to be accepted by the D2

Has anyone 'cracked this' problem or alternatively does anyone know of a different programme that I could use to record from TV onto my computer that offers image sizes/options etc that the D2 will work with?

Thanks in hopeful anticipation

David K
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The only video format/resolution accepted by thte D2/D2+ is 320x240 AVI. The easiest solution would be to just convert them using either JetAudio or Super either works well, and if you record in 640x480 it will scale down to 320x240 with no stretching or squishing. If you record it in AVI the conversion will only take a couple minutes.
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Thanks for that suggestion .. I'l try recording onto computer from TV in 640x480 AVI and see how long the conversion to 320x240 takes
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