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If you want to charge it without having it try to connect to a computer, there is another possible option if your computer has a front mounted USB port.

The difference between the wall charger and computer port is of course the computer has the data +, data - pins connected. With the front mounted ports there is a length of wire going to a connector block that plugs into the motherboard (obvious to some people but I mention it in context), if you simply consult the pinout or your wires have the standard colors (green and white are the data pins, red and black the power), you can use a needle to gently pry up the lock tabs on the USB connector block and slip the wires out, leaving the functional equivalent of only a power charging port temporarily (so no need to wait on receiving a charger or spending the money if you didn't have another use for it).

However, when my clip had a battery problem recently, leaving it charging did no good. Leaving it sit awhile the battery would recover enough it would begin to refresh the database but it always shut back off from low battery. I popped it open, removed the battery and replicated the problem with a variable voltage power source, if ever I set power supply voltage below approx ~3.35V, the problem occurred, but at this voltage and higher the player still works.
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