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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
I don't give a damn about Wifi, it's a video player - I just hope they fixed at least a few of the showstopping bugs of the O2. But knowing Cowon, they didn't learn anything from their mistakes. Now this one's on WinCE while the O2 was Linux. Meaning, they started all over again, with a whole bunch of new issues for sure.

Dog icon - check. Chicken icon - check. Lemonade icon - check... Oh, and a... "DooTester".
To be honest, it's a multimedia device, and since it's pretty common in most devices, it seems silly not to include it.

they have the D2+ and S9 marketed towards people who want decent SQ in a device.

and to be fair, at 32gb's, who's going to store a full HD film on there, whether or not it has the potential to use it. saying that though it looks as if ithas an SD/SDHC/mSD etc panel on the side like with the o2 so hopefully they get to grips with what the people want and actually integrate it rather than having it seperate, so maybe it wont be all that bad.

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