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Default Anyone else having this headphone jack problem with Sansa Clip?

After reading the review on Anythingbutipod, I bought several Sansa Clip 2gb players to give as Christmas gifts. I opened one to load some music as part of the gift. After charging the player and loading some music, I plugged in my headphones (not the one's that came with the Clip) but got no sound. I finally figured out I had to pull the headphone plug out of the jack slightly to get the headphones to work. If the headphones were plugged all the way in (to where the plug stopped) the headphones would not play. I tried two other sets of headphones with the same results. I then opened two other Clips (I bought 5 total for Christmas gifts) and found that these other two were the same as the first. The headphones sound great when in the right position but if I just plug the headphones all the way in, I get not audio at all. It feels to me like the two rings on the headphone plug go past making contact inside of the jack when plugged all the way in. Has anyone else experienced this and is there any way to correct it?
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I have a 2GB Sansa Clip and do not encounter this problem.
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The headphone jack is tight when new. Use a bit of force to push the headphone plug all the way into the jack.
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JK98 you are my hero. The smallness of the Clip made me afraid to push too hard on the headphone plug, but after reading your reply, I put some pressure on it and problem solved! Big relief not to have to find 5 new christmas presents! Thanks again.
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