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Originally Posted by Flamin_Spirit View Post
If it's just the bass you're missing you could try boosting the bass wiht a small cheap amp like the FiiO E5
You really don't need a FiiO with the D2. BBE Mach3Bass is a lot better bass enhancer than the E5's comparatively muddy bass boost.

Furthermore, with 64 Ohm phones, the D2 displays no bass roll-off or hiss at all. The FiiO toy amp would only make the sound worse. I didn't notice any difference driving my RE0 directly from a player, or using a decent amp like the Headsix as well.

Originally Posted by TheMan View Post
will the D2+ be able to drive the Ultrasone HFI-2000's perfectly?
I had no complaints driving my 35 Ohm HFI-780 with the D2. The specs of the HFI-2000 are 75 Ohm/92dB - which might certainly be a bit on the quiet side without an amp.
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