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Default "Scrolling" on some books and not on others?

Hi again,

I convert the recorded books from our library to mp3 format and then stick them on my Clip+. I notice some of the books will have information scrolling across my screen and others do not. I use the same format in ripping for all the books. Any special way to make them all scroll across my screen when I hit that middle "enter" button or is this something already "in" the disc?

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Those are tags. The ripping program searches for the tag information. If you want this information, then make sure you are connected to the net when ripping the disks.
If that doesn't work, and theses disks aren't in the database, you could always enter the tags manually. The free program mp3Tag helps make tag editing easier.

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Thanks for the linky. I guess I kinda know what tags are now and apparently have been putting them on my files without even knowing what they were called.

To rip my discs, I use CD Ripper Freeware and I either go online to get the info or type it in myself. I am thinking that some of the discs are Audiobook ready because I see those particular books have only one cd in it's package and upon loading it to the computer, I see the sequencial tracks and some .smil files, and some others. I don't see how to rip my discs in that MP3 Tag program, but I do see options for putting the information in myself. I'll do some reading on it later today.

Again, thanks for the link and for sharing your time.

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