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Default Guidelines for Posting News and Other Articles

It is very important that we properly cite and link to other sites articles. Please follow these guidelines to give other authors credit for their work. We will be taking this very seriously and will give out warnings and eventual bans if these guidelines are not followed.

At the very least:

1. Put the Copied Text in Quotes- Use the Quote Button Up Top (rule of thumb: if you didnt write it, use the quote button.)
2. Cite the original source where it was copied from with a link back to the article. Place the link at the top of the post, above the quoted article.

Better Case: Partial Quote

1. Quote or highlight important parts of the original article
2. Cite the original source with a link back, again placed above the article at the top of the post.
3. Add your own thoughts or comments about the article.

Best Case: Blog Style

1. Write your own blog style post about the article or topic.
2. Link to the original discussion "source link"
3. Link to the place you found the article "via link"

If you use the Best Case, we will recognize you as a contributor and perhaps push your stories to the front page and with regards to gadgets and anythingbutiphone articles in thost subforums, it may be eventually indexed in one of our works in progresses
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