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Default Sharing my forthcoming Sansa Clip+ with a 2-way radio?

Howdy Ho!

This is my first post as I bought from Amazon today an 8gb Sansa Clip+ for a cool 50 bucks. Previously I had been using my Treo 755p with Pocket Tunes 5, and then my Palm Pre which is not very good. The intended purpose for the Clip is to literally clip it to my shirt at work and share it with a 2-way radio over one headset while stil being able to use a mic of some sort..

I am searching for the most elegant way to do this. I know this probably isnt the best section to ask in, but I didnt see a spot that dealt in general tech, thus if an admin reads this and can think of a better place for it then by all means. So, any ideas?
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One last pretty please bump...
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You want an audio mixer that will mix two inputs into one, and send it over the radio, right? But something portable.

Not so easy to do both cheap and portable, as everything that does this is tailored for "professional" audio.

This sucker is a portable mixer that's around $40-50. It says passive on it, so I think the power input is optional (only if you want the mixed output amplified). I could be wrong, and it could require the power hookup, so it's up to you to do some more research, or just take the plunge and tell us how it goes

Or here

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