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Default Samsung Apps Store

i have heard that an Apps Store for Samsung is on the cards but frankly would it be any use if an MP3 player has no wi-fi? players such as the M1 and the R0 are brilliant as they are but still no wi-fi. Apple's lead when it comes to apps are light years away now...
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It does, but currently only downloads via wifi ON YOUR PHONE. Which sucks, because we can't get them on our MP3 players. They say they'll release it for computer download soon. As far as I know, I beleive them. Theres even Guitar Hero. How great would that be to have that on a MP3 player? I don't no but here. Check em out.
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hmm, I really doubt that Samsung would actually let their MP3 players have access to their App store.. why do I say this? because Ive watched samsung's patterns long enough to have a good guess...
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when did this happen? :O
Where was I..


If this ever becomes available on the Samsung PMPs (M1), Im soooo getting the M1
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