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Unhappy Playlist problem with Sansa Clip+ microsd card

I have a problem with my new Sansa Clip+. I've been reading on different forums that other people have a similar problem, too, but none of the solutions they offer work for me. To summarize. I am in the process of switching from iPod/iTunes, to MP3s playable on any device. Over 90% of my music is unprotected m4a (iTunes). I downloaded Winamp, which was wonderful the way it converted my music from m4a to MP3 when it loaded my Clip+. But, I cannot get a playlist to work on my Sansa external SD Card, no matter what I do. I've tried MSC, MTP, AutoDetect modes, I've tried exporting the playlist from Winamp, then copying manually to the Music folder on the Clip+. I've tried manually creating a Playlist (this isn't really an option as I have about 30-40 playlists, and about 3,000 songs). I've tried using Playlist Creater. But, no matter what I do, the playlists, if they show up on the Sansa at all, are always empty. The main use of my Clip+ is for Audible audiobooks - the internal memory is filled with books. I use the SD slot for both SlotRadio cards and for a 16gb micro SDHC card. The music plays fine from the card if I play it by artist, album, genre, etc, but not by playlist. Any help would be greatly appreciated - I don't want to go back to iPods! I love my Clip+!
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I don't have a Clip+, just a Fuze. I also don't get very exotic in my playlists. Here's what I have done...

1. Set Fuze to MSC mode
2. Copy songs to card in Fuze
3. Load songs to Winamp and build the playlist...FROM the card (must be from the card)
4. Save playlist to the card

Works fine for me. From what I've read, it should also work on a Clip+.

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You can use m3u files as your playlist, if you have the player in msc mode. Just load the files into Winamp that you want to make a playlist out of (right from the SD card). Save the m3u playlist to the SD card under \music. This will force Winamp to create a relative path in the m3u file entries, and it should work.

There is only one bug with the Clip+ and m3u playlists: you cannot access both the SD card and internal memory in the same playlist. Also, the playlist needs to be stored on the media you wish to access.
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