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wait why are you jumping ship from a perfectly good D2?? I personally don't think your gonna get anywhere hopping ship unless your d2 breaks...Now let's really think about this...a D2 has way more power output than any sony model on the market. Your dropping a solid codec support + gapless playback, bass heh if your a basshead senn cx300 and call it a day. You wouldn't grab the sony for bass, you would get it for the clarity of sound which both the S and X do a solid job on. Though the X does have the edge because of the S master digital amp. But think of it this way you have a perfectly working D2 with a UI that can be changed, volume output through the roof, over 50 hours of playback on one charge, and more codec options and give all this up when you go to sony. Now I'm not trying to turn you away from sony...I have an X1050, its a solid player, is it better than the D2??? well I think that is whole different discussion but seriously I feel that if you do jump ship you be stick in placebo land and won't be able to tell the difference and feel like you didn't get anywhere.
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