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I took the plunge about July 2009. I bought a broken S30 I thought I could repair (and I was able to!), and played around with the then fairly manual install for RockBox.

The install was a piece of cake with the original 1.1 firmware. Back-out worked too, and I then tried and found firmware 1.2 and 1.3 didn't work, but I could reload 1.1 and reinstall RockBox.

Feeling competent, I then loaded RockBox on my 120GB S60, and continue to use it, frequently putting the latest daily RockBox build on with only one small issue with one of the builds to date.

It's a bit subjective, but I think RockBox sound better playing mp3's. And it does gapless playback with no glitches between songs.

The dual boot I tried and rejected. Single boot boots cleaner, and I don't want that silly way the original software plus WMP stores files in directories called 00, 01, renaming files to 00.mp3, 01.mp3 etc. RockBox makes the player just a USB mass storage device (allowing you to see the daft original directory/file structure), so you drag and drop files the way you want them in directories you named.

FYI, I believe the RockBox install utility now works with the S series.
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