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Owned a gigabeat S60 since late 2006 and ran the original software until July-ish this year, 2009. I held back for ages waiting for the S to become "supported", by which time I'd done a 120GB transplant.

I worried about being able to salvage my S60 if the very manual install went wrong. In the end I bought a broken S30 for $25, fixed it and made it my experimental RockBox machine before committing permanently to RockBox.

That ugly Windows Mobile software did the basics OK, but support was crap (worst case - the random reformat should have been fixed immediately).

For all its faults, and it has plenty, RockBox is pretty stable even using daily builds, sounds better, and has a good dose of flexibility. A brilliant piece of open source software. gigabeat S plus RockBox is my preferred player against any newcomer to date.
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