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Default Cowon's Case vs. Noreve Case

Which case is better? I've looked at both and while I prefer the design of the Noreve, I've heard that if you have a thick headphone plug it might not fit. Also, are there any other cases that you guys think are good?
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I have the noreve case and I can say that it is pretty solid. Never seen the cowon case in person so I can't say anything about it.
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I have several Noreve cases, and they are all of excellent quality. Noreve also is now selling an alternative metal belt clip to go with them if you desire. Every case that protects a player will block a fat headphone cable end. I have a couple of small L-adapters that I employ for those situations.
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Also, I'm taking a look at this case,
It looks kinda like the Noreve (but not as good) and the audio jack isn't covered at all. I would think that my E2c's plug would fit in the gap on the Noreve but I'd like to be slightly more sure about that before i buy it, though I'm definitely leaning towards the Noreve.

BTW what's the difference between the Tradition leather and the Ambition leather. They look the same on the pictures.
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iirc the only difference is the texture/durability of the leather

I personally don't see the point in a case. The player itself is pretty durable and cases just take up more space and can get in the way.
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I got the Cowon Case on Friday and have used it now for 2 days and I really like the case. Nice tight fit with all buttons and ports open. The red velvety interior is nice and soft. I have never had a Noreve case so I can't compare the quality of the 2 but the Cowon definetly seems well made.
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i've looked at pics of the cowon case, and i am just wondering what holds it in place?
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