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Default The format of MTABLE.SYS

Yes it is possible to retrieve the rating from MSC mode. One has to dig into the format of the MTABLE.SYS file under the root directory. The format is basically as follow:

The rating information starts from address somewhere aound 0xA4130, each rating occupies 4 byte, first one is always 0x80, the next one is the rating 0x00 to 0x05, followed by two byte 0x0000. To find out which track this rating corresponds to one has to look into the starting of this file, where the corresponding track information is listed in the same order. The information is stored in the following format:

'path' 0x0000 'filename' 0x000000 "track name" 0x0000 "artist" 0x0000 "album" 0x0000FFFF0000 "genre" 0x0000 'track/total(8 byte long)'

Word in '' means the encoding is in ASCII or other extensions compatible to vfat.
Word in "" is in UTF-16.
The path is expressed as, for example 'mmc:0:\MUSIC\NAME'
The example for 'track/total' is '00000410', means the track is 4/10

A example for such usage is shown in this script:
scrobble for sansa clip to

I have not worked out the to-go list yet. I think it is also in the MTABLE.SYS, should start somewhere around 0x75300. I will post the result here if I can find it out.
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