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Default Initial Impressions of Shure SRH 240 :) (Unburned)

I just got the Shure SRH 240 full size headphones, and they sound pretty decent, but I was not blown away by the sound quality. First of all, I'll prolly be returning these and will try some other full size headphones, but first things first... (Also Forgot to mention, this is my first review )

Soundstage: 7/10

To me, the soundstage on these cans are pretty good and big. Fine with me

Highs: 2/10

The highs are sometimes really harsh and hurt my ears , I have not

burned these headphones in, so things could change. But as it is, the highs

are not the best. To me, if they hurt me ears, they deserve such a low score. I'm hoping the highs change after a burn in.

Mids: 5/10

The mids sound good on my Laptop with foobar, but with my Samsung P2,

the mids are lacking, and the headphones just don't sound all to good as

compared to my laptop

Bass: 8/10

The bass on these things is top notch The bass is not too overpowering

but just right. The bass is good quality wise, nice and precise and fast.

Isolation: 5/10

The isolation is okay, and they seem to leak a bit to where somebody could

hear your music if you were playing your music really loud, this is not much

of a problem.

Comfort: 8/10

For me, the comfort is awesome, I can wear these for hours without any

problems. But many people have called these headphones very

uncomfortable, but then again the comfort I have could be different for

somebody else. All in all, I am very satisfied with the comfort department

on these phones.

Build Quality: 6/10

These seem pretty solid and well built. The only problem I have is the

plastic seems a little cheap, but that's find. The pleather feels fine to me

and the cushioning is also very decent. The cable feels a little rubbery

(good thing) and is a little thin (bad thing), so it's not the best in the


Looks: 10/10
The looks of these headphones are AWESOME!! Just my opinion

Conclusion: For 59.99, these headphones are decent for the price.

Hopefully the highs and mids settle in after I use these a little longer, but

so far they are not too good. I would not recommend these headphones to

a friend just because of the piercing highs I got from these. The EQ on my

P2 helped somewhat, but they were still annoying. Overall, these are okay.

Not the best cans in the world.

(Will update with pics and more impressions after some listening time )

If anybody has the cans as well, please feel free to comment on my impressions. I am interested in other people's thoughts on these Shures
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