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Originally Posted by Bravepower View Post
About podcasts/audiobooks: The S9 still treats them the same as other music files. But now you can use .m3u playlists to organise your music however you want; so you can create audiobook, podcast and music playlists separately. It's an extra effort, but at least there's something that works now.
I've been trying to get MediaMonkey configured to work. If you tag the Genre as audiobook, then MM separates the handling of Music/Audiobooks.

You also have to put this in the Sync Device Configuration:
$If(<Genre>=Audiobook,Audible\<Composer>\,$If(<Genre>=Podcast,PodcastReady\Podcasts\,Music\$if(<Album Artist>,<Album Artist>,<Artist>)\))<Album>\<Title>
That's the good news. The bad news, is that doing auto-sync, creates simple m3u files on the S9, which the S9 doesn't read and MM doesn't generate extended m3u in auto-sync mode.

This means I have to convert each m3u to extended format. I use mp3tag to achieve this. The process is tedious and error prone. You must read each m3u file on the S9 with mp3tag and overwrite them because mp3tag generates extended m3u format.

mp3tag wasn't really designed to optimize this and it really is a PITA.

One of the great features of MM is dynamic playlists so my playlists change often. In other words, after each sync I have to go back and manually recreate each playlist on the S9. Damn Greek Tragedy! I need to find a better way.

Originally Posted by Bravepower View Post
There is no way to alter playback volume using the default UI without using the hardware buttons.

As for the user interface, I've always used the default and find it perfectly fine. Over recent releases, responsiveness and speed have improved significantly. It's not the best UI I've seen in a media player (the old Zen UIs were excellent) and yes, there are loads of mystery meat menus there, but you can easily get used to it with time. Besides, Cowon was never known for its user interfaces - at least this time you get the choice of user-created ones.
FYI, Aero Ultimate G2 1.00 supports a touch screen volume control. AU G2 allows you to change playback speed easily without leaving the player (Nice when listening to audiobooks). It also allows direct access to the equalizer settings and the browser. Very handy. I've been using it. Dims screen and screen blanks after a time. It's very solid. Only found 1 bug so far (when changing the equalizer settings and changing to Rock or some other setting, sometimes a hidden menu appears for no reason I can understand, I haven't spent time to report it).

Originally Posted by Bravepower View Post
The player really shines in video and audio playback (which is really what the player is for, right?). If you learn how to modify the JetEffect settings properly, you can get some fantastic sound experiences from your songs. You should definitely play around with JetEffect with one of your favourite tracks playing to get a feel for the settings.
Shines in Video and Audio with BBE. Agreed.
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