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Okay! So the korean firmware does do it too...

I went as far as to bitch at reps via samsung's tech support. One guy finally came to mind to give me some background information about the problem.

He said one out of a hundred do this. And although they don't know why, it varies from device to device on what causes this problem.
Most case scenarios it has to do with firmware upgrading, the type of bit-rate your using for the file your running, the DNS
And the new one which I never thought of, the software you use to upload the files.
He said putting them on the device as if it was a usb drive, can cause this problem, EmoDio also causes this issue too.
He said to consider using the older Media Studio provided with the device.

I haven't put this to the test yet I'm working on making my very own firmware (little success so far) to try to bring the flaw out.

Anyone can confirm those four issues and any solutions please get back to us.

I'm getting mad and dare I say it: I might switch to Zune, or an actual I-pod (fucking bastards, dont mind the applications on it tho)
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