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Default IEMs that complement the D2?

My only pair of IEMs, Eytmotic ER6i's, have done me well for most of my players. Unfortunately, they sound awful with my D2. The sound that comes with them mixed is extremely analytical, cold, and boring to my ears.

People have constantly hailed the D2 for its great SQ, but with my IEMs I can simply not hear it. I'd like most everything about the D2, but with the bland sound I get from it, I hardly use it. With many new players coming out recently, I have been thinking if it would be a good idea to upgrade, but I'd much rather just get a new pair or IEMs instead.

What is a good pair of IEMs to match with my D2 that give me a more fun and exciting sound, while still holding strong to the D2's clarity? My price range is around $100-150.

Thank you very much!
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Most of the time the IEMs are bad with a given player because the player doesn't balance out the IEMs that well, The D2, by contrast, has many many customizations to help you configure the player to match the IEm in particular. Have you tried fiddling with the EQ, Mach3Bass, BBE(+) and other settings? you may be able to get those IEMs to work well if you try at it.

Some IEMs I would recommend are the ones I use, the Head Direct RE2. They're $39 at head direct's website. Some will tell you to get an amp for them, if only to boost the low end. I got a FiiO E5 to test this, but all I found myself using it for was to reduce system hissing on my desktop computer's integrated sound card, because the D2 can really give the low end some kick if you want it to.

If the RE2 sound too cheap to you you can try the higher end RE0, I haven't tried that set of IEMs, as I'm not going to drop that much on headphones right now, but I've heard nothing but good about them.
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The Future Sonics Atrio might be what you're looking for, and the RE0 are a good choice as well. The Sennheiser IE8 might be a bit out of that price range.
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Default Etymotic ER-6i versus Future Sonics Atrios M8

My ER-6i cans got stolen a couple of weeks ago and I "upgraded" to Atrios. I'm not convinced yet that they're better. The Atrios definitely have a more "fun" sound, but I'm really missing the clarity in the mids and highs that I used to enjoy so much with the Eties.

Having said that, they're not fully burned in yet and I don't have a Cowon player. Just be aware that you will definitely lose clarity with Atrios.
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What about the Ultimate Ears Metro-Fi 170 and 220? Are they a good match with the D2. I have one myself and want to know.
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You could try the Hippo VB's too.
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Indeed, the Hippo are like the Atrio with more treble and somewhat better clarity.
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