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Default Ziepod

Originally Posted by npcaughey View Post
So I've had some time now to evaluate my experience with Ziepod. First and foremost, before I explain any other problems I've had integrating Ziepod with my Zen, it should be said that the Ziepod programme works very well on its own - it runs smoothly and it makes managing podcasts a simple process. I recommend it.

I have set up my Ziepod programs to be sent to the Zen through Sync Manager (as Raster suggests.) I delete files from both the hard drive and Zen separately as I finish with them.

In terms of organisation of podcasts on the Zen, my experience has not been as straightforward as Raster suggests. Ziepod seems to have no problem organising some Podcasts in the manner I want through its manual "override" function on naming files, but strangely it does not always work. Anyway, I've been using the following format to organise my files:

- change the title to 'Title' of it's associated post. I'm not sure why I do this one but that's how I have it set up. (worked)
- change the artist to '-Podcast' (Didnít always work)
- change the album to the feed name, eg. for CNet's Buzz Out Loud podcast, I have the album set manually as 'Buzz Out Loud' (Didnít always work)
- change the genre to 'Podcast' (Worked)

The original problem of the Podcast dropping off at the last few minutes has been rectified. I now use Ziepod and therefore the "music player" function in the Zen rather than the "Zencast" function to play each podcast. The entire podcast will play. Halleiujah.
I too have been converted to Ziepod for my Audio podcasts, but take a slightly different tack
1) In Ziepod, I change the genre to "Podcast" (on the ones that I download the rest are OK)
2) In Ziepod > preferences > download, I tick the "when an episode is downloaded export a copy to the following folder" I use "C:new podcasts"
3) Manually move (drag and drop) from "C:\new pdocasts" into the zen under the folder "podcasts". Then use Zen media explorer to set the podcast playlist. This is easy as there are only a few each week.
4) After listening to each podcast I delete it from the Zen.
5) Doing a sweep in Ziepod with the interval set at 7 days takes care of the PC end. There is an option to delete the file on the hard drive as part of the sweep.

Works for me!

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