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Help Severe issue with an e260

So I recently rediscovered my (previously lost) e260 and decided it would be nice to have a functional mp3 player. So I plugged it in, spent about half an hour remembering how to get it out of MTP mode, downloaded the Sansa updater and ran it. About thirty seconds later the screen on my e260 went black with a series of rapidly scrolling pixels constantly flooding down it. It's still doing that now and my guess is that it will continue until it runs out of battery, at which point it's anyone's guess. Nothing I've found so far has worked. I can't put it into restore mode. Windows can't figure out what the device is anymore. I only have access to a Windows Vista machine right now as I am overseas and will be for some time. Any ideas?

Edit: Managed to get it into restore mode. Trying a few more things. Crossing my fingers.

Second edit: Well, egg on my face. Managed to resurrect it with a bit of luck and muffinzrock's Ultimate Fix thread. Go figure.

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Good to read you got it running, good luck

Edit: BTW, the Sansa updater sucks, you really should search the e200 forums and learn how to manually update your firmware. That way you can remove the updater, as it's a real pain and is constantly accessing the net.

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