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I've been using the Cowon converter that comes with Cowon Media Center to convert videos for the D2 and for my Zens and my several other video players. It's fast and works well.

However, the new Gom Encoder (they just released the commercial version) so far seems to do everything the Cowon converter does and it's about 4 times as fast on my dual core system. Actually it's more than twice as fast but it uses both cores and the Cowon converter only used one so effectively it's over 4 times as fast.

I converted a whole season of Cheers last night (25 shows) in about 1.5 hours and my computer isn't really a fast one. The previous season that I converted took several hours.

It also lets you control several things like contrast, brightness, saturation and hue and it lets you control volume.

It also has presets for several of my players and it only took a few minutes to make new ones for the ones it didn't have.

It's commercial so it isn't free. I think it was $35 but I'm not sure now. I think it's going to replace the Cowon program for me. I'll know better after I've used it more.

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