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Default Help! S9 frozen!

Please help. I installed the new firmware and it stopped half way through. Now the device is completely frozen. It won't turn on, my pc does not recognize it and the reset button does nothing. Is there anything I can do?
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The S9 might die by two reported reasons:
Big file transfer

or both

im not aware if some s9 died like thi for other reasons

the best thing to do is to do some reaserch by your self
or RMA

if you are lucky pressing reset button could do the magic trick

post with the similar or same issue and possible solution

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Press and hold the reset button?
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Ideas (no particular order):
-press and hold reset button
-toggle power switch (duh)
-plug in to comp--what happens? any recognition or change at all? by comp or S9?
-plug into a wall adapter. oftentimes firmware updates require constant power WITHOUT a data presence

try a combination of any of these steps. who knows.

experimental options: there's a software called Find and Mount that can be used to locate a drive, even if it's not being recognized. maybe give that a shot to reload some firmware? please note that I have never tried this and it's may not work, or may have negative consequences. it's purely theoretical so try at your own risk.
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