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I witnessed the same bizarre behavior with my new (refurb) fuze.

I got a 4GB from woot! a few weeks ago. When it arrived, it was working fine. I upgraded the firmware, and installed rockbox, and it continued to work fine for a few days.

Suddenly, after it had been charging (?) overnight, it would not turn on. There was no sign of life, whether plugged into the PC, an AC adapter, or nothing at all - it just seemed totally DEAD!!

I tried holding the power button for 30 sec - but nothing.

I emailed and received an RMA from woot, but in the meantime, decided to open it up to see if the battery was somehow disconnected. Everything looked OK, so I re-assembled without changing anything, except unplugging and replugging the battery. Still DEAD :-(

A couple days go by, and I decide it's time to pack it up and send it back, but - lo and behold! it powers up fine and works like a champ! And has ever since.

I'm wondering if the other users who've experienced this also installed rockbox. RB on the fuze is listed as "unstable" - though my experience with it (when the fuze was working at all) was very favorable.

Any chance that the rockbox bootloader has a quirk that causes it to occassionally hang up with a black screen?

Has anybody who has seen this behavior seen it on a non-rockboxed fuze?

For now - I'm keeping the fuze - and hoping this problem doesn't return.
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