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Originally Posted by kysg View Post
to be honest there are not many IEM's with the split connector, the only ones I have ever owned were I believe the j-jays from JAYS, and I believe a pair from panasonic, they were both very cheap headphones. Like I honestly can't think of a high quality IEM that does that.

I also find that wierd that you get HPM-77 with your sony, because I have a G705 and I got like the most basic headphones with it, though I don't listen to music on the G705
the G705 isn't music centric so you get the standard handfree earphones. I suppose i've just got lucky that when i was 17 i bought some sony earphones which had a split connector and i've kept the bottom half when the top half cut out.

I may just invest in some CX300 mkIIs from advancedmp3 so i know they're genuine. and make do with an extra long cord.
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