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Default Firmware fix Linux problem?

Just wondering. I run Linux and figured I'd give it a shot anyway - I've been pounding on my s9 for weeks now copying to/from the device in bulk with both my Linux desktop and my Linux laptop.

No problems at all. I figured I'd try to reproduce the problem in the first 30 days just to make sure.

I had read all the Linux problem threads and they all seem to be from a few firmware versions ago. Is it possible this has been fixed with a more recent firmware release? The first thing I did was upgrade the firmware as soon as I unboxed it.
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What exactly is the problem you were having? You haven't described the problem.
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I think he doesn't have a problem, but wants to ask if the problems making your S9 as useful as a brick (bricking) when using linux, are still existing.
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My S9 lost access to all its files when I used Ubuntu 8.10, I believe I had firmware 2.31b2 at the time. I only uploaded a few music files. Whenever I tried to view files via tags or folders, the whole system would crash. After hard resetting a few times, I figured I'd format it and add all of my files again using Windows. It worked after that.

Funny enough, when I added files using my Mac, there were no problems.

I'm not going to tempt fate again, but feel free to test it out if you don't mind potentially causing yourself a lot of hassle. :P
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I use my S9 lightly on Kubuntu 9.04 and have had no problems.
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Been using my s9 exclusively on linux since i bought it (10 months ago?). Kept up with the firmware versions and have had no problems!
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I got my S9 in the mail yesterday, and installed firmware 2.41 and uploaded some music on windows 7.
That night, I thought I'd use Lightroom on my hackintosh to resize some images en mass, to be able to use view them in the S9, as their original size caused the player to take like 10 seconds each time i scroll to the next matrix in picture viewing mode.

Anywho, resized some images, and tried to copy paste them onto my s9 (from OSX in UMS mode) and that bricked my S9!

So now, im in the process of formatting the S9.

I'm quite shocked that trying to upload some pictures would lead to the bricking of my S9.

Ow well.
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So I guess that means it still might exist (and affect Mac's)...

I've had zero problems with mine, and I stressed it a lot trying to cause a problem in the first 30 days just to be safe.

Still though - maybe they've at least made it more rare with later firmwares, Other than yours I haven't seen any recent posts of people running the latest firmware to have problems.
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