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I had a problem with the replay gain. I was getting the white screen. Well i checked out the sandisk forums and here is what i found for anyone having issues with the new firmware.

Sandisk is listening. This was recently posted in Slotmonsta's first post in this thread.

Please keep all replies on topic regarding the current release of the Sansa Fuze Firmware.
We have confirmed a bug with Replay Gain in this firmware release. This bug only effects Fuze v2 devices. We are working on a new firmware which should be released very soon and have confirmed the issue is fixed. After the new firmware has passed a full QA cycle the new firmware will be released. If you have experienced this issue your options are:

1. Temperately turn off replay gain until the next firmware release is available
2. Use the following link to downgrade to the .26 firmware release. 02.02.26 firmware download and instructions

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience and we hope to have the new firmware available as soon as possible.
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