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I've made my own dock out of the plactic thing my p2 was shipped in (the plastic plate where you could pop it out by pushing a button)
I cut off the useless plastic (it's quite easy to cut, it's possible to do it with a sharp kitchen knife) and I cut a hole at the jack leaving me with this:

(After taking that picture my camera died )

Then I made 4 holes in the flat part of plastic and screwed it to a wooden thingey I made so it could stand up straight (no pic, dead camera)
I put it on my amplifier (Roland cube 15x, has a mini jack line in) and whenever I want to play along with a song, it's within reach.
It's extremely easy to make and, even tough you can't charge it in this dock, I think it's pretty cool

( oops, didn't notice this thread was THAT old :shame: )
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