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Originally Posted by RealName99 View Post
Zipdisk: I had thought of installing Emodio, but after reading a bunch of posts in this forum, decided not to: Emodio seems problematic, and SMS seems to work OK.

Your suggestions for media managers are noted. I use Audiograbber myself - it's dead simple . It doesn't do lyrics (don't need 'em) or artwork (prefer to find my own art - not necessarily the original album cover). If things change, I'll definitely give mediamonkey a go...

So that only leaves the firmware. From your synopsis of the updates (thanks for the details!), it's well worth doing, but you have caused me to ask a couple more newber-q's (sorry!):

First, is the most recent firmware a "roll-up" of all those that went before? Or do I need to install them sequentially?

Second, my model T10 isn't listed on the Samsung default support page, but it is on the global site (probably because it was a gift bought on an overseas holiday). It's a YP-T10JQU, and the following files are available:

YP-T10JQU Upgrade File (ver.3.03)
YP-T10JQU Games (ver.3.06)
YP-T10JQU Upgrade File (ver.3.06)
YP-T10JQU GUI (ver.0.0)

As you can see, no 3.07! So, do I choose a different model to get the firmware you talk of? And if so, which? You mention the Korean firmware, and RDS only being available for EU models. According to the SYSTEM.VER file in the system folder of the T10, I have...

DRM JA I suppose I have a euro device. So what's RDS then?

And (last question I promise!), can I still use SMS to update the firmware despite it being out of date, or is Emodia necessary?

Thanks again.

I should still use EmoDio as from memory it has more features and I don't have bugs with it, mind you it does get updated a few times, at first I did have SMS but it updated its self to EmoDia.

Model No. YP-T10JQU

the Q and U does not matter the first one is the Memory Size and the next is the Colour, they is one more letter that is use "Y" I think for the US BB model, So all models are the same except for Colour and Memory size and that does not matter.

We have very limited RDS here in NZ so I preferred to use the MSC firmware 3.07 and the Lyrics

Note: all previous updates are included in the latest one, not need to flash the others.

EmoDio with Only flash to the same Model type so if you wish to go to MSC you have to do it via the PC, there are 2 methods, I prefere to use one as its very simple to use, I have posted the procedure here many times if you would like it again Please let me know.

I am a 71 year old EX computer/electronic Tech and EX UK, but I still like to dabble.
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