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Hi Darklighter,

There are some really informative articles here at ABI on video formats and screen resolution that will give you some good solid background info.

ABI articles
Video formats:
Video resolution:

There’s actually a lot of stuff to know when it comes to video, but probably the two most important things I’ve found is to make sure that your are: a) using a supported file format that the D2 is cable of playing back i.e. AVI or WMV and b) only using video files that are ripped to D2’s native screen resolution of 320x240.

That means if you try to play an "iPod video" (H.264/MPEG) - it wont play - if you try to play a WMV with a resolution of 720x480 - it also wont play! (Right format but wrong size.)

There are loads of "free" and "not so free" video converters that may be able resize and or convert your video files, the DRM thing might be an issue thought.

DVD movies to D2+
You'll be able to get the best video quality and more consistent results by ripping your own D2-ready video files directly from a DVD disc. Intermediate conversions can lead to a loss of quality. You can use a program such as DVDFab "DVD to Mobile" to rip DVDs to .avi or .wmv formats, or any number of video formats suitable for other players, i.e. iPod, PSP, Zune, mobile phone etc. You can download a full version that’s good for 30-days to see if it works for your needs.

DVDFab website:

Hope this helped,


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