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good headphones are a MUST for the D2/D2+ I would also recommend getting a case and/or screen protector my D2 recently got a little scratch that annoys the crud out of me. still, it's a good player, and if it doesn't die I will keep it for a long time.

certain headphones (especially full size) will need an amp. I have a FiiO E5 amp for my RE2, but I never use it with them, that whole "to get the best out of the Re2 you need an amp" sentiment is garbage. the D2 can boost the low end on them just fine all on it's own. I use the FiiO with my Audio Technica ATH M30, great full size cans for the price.
Cowon iAudio D2 16gb (D2+ FW 2.11) + FiiO E5 + Head-Direct RE2s.
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