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Originally Posted by iOsasu View Post
Well I decompiled all the widgets and have uploaded for all those geniuses out there who want to make their own.

Maybe once someone can manage to make their own widget and can make a tutorial for the rest of us (showing what actionscripts to use, images, etc. to make our own.)

download here
Hopefully, you are right. However, I have looked at the decompiled widgets(even decompiled them myself) and the actionscript files have numerous syntax errors. Yet the same files (before decompile) can be dropped into the flash folder on the P3 and run just fine. Something is amiss here.....

When 2.0 SDK was announced as providing "widget support", I suspect what was meant was the ability to SKIN widgets in addition to all the elements that could already be skinned under SDK1, but not actually CREATE new widgets from scratch. I hope I am wrong

I did browse some of the AS code looking for constructs that might indicate the reading of the touchscreen (strokes, taps, etc) but found nothing that looked interesting.


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