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Default Which is best for Audible books?

Which of the Sansa players support Audible audiobooks best?

What I need most is a fast-forward that accelerates so you can get through a long section quickly. Also, automatic resume when the player is turned on.
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The Sansa Clip and Fuze with the newest firmware will do what you need it sounds like.
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Every day I go to work by the sub. I cant read because of its movements and noises. After buying my Audible my life have changed. I hear my favorite magazines and books, and hear it through my Iriver. By the way - its very nice to fall asleep with as well..<o></o>
I bought it through a product reviews web site (Consumer Product Reviews), and I got a Audible Coupons from them: two free Audiobook downloads. Here is the URL:<o></o>
It has really changed my life, so I had to share it with you guys.<o>

</o> Cheers,<o></o>

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