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The bandwidth doesn't have anything to do with the framebuffer. Your still going to be lacking bandwidth. You'd have to reduce the bandwidth load from 6 GB/s to 1GB/s that means a drasic reduction in all areas , much greater than the reduction in resoultion.

Tegra also has a 600 or 700 MHz Arm 11 processor (impossible to tell which one is included from these pictures). Whether this is as-powerful as a 750 MHz cut-down P3 is up for discussion
Don't really think its up for discussion , the celeron will crush the arm cpu.

The Xbox had 64MEGS of RAM. The 2nd gen iPhone and iPod Touch had 128MB of RAM, while the 3rd gen has 256MB. It's a safe assumption that given modenr mobile specs, the Zune HD has at least 128MB of RAM.

So in terms of graphics and complexity, the Zune HD should be able to handle any Xbox (not 360) port. The scaling down would be well hidden by the smaller screen. Like you said, again, it's the control scheme that will cause the biggest problems.
have you seen a psp or iphone game approaching the graphics of halo ? I haven't

But the feat is certainly within reason. I think Microsoft made a mistake providing zero tactile controls for the Zune HD - here is the portable Xbox everyone has been wishing for, and due to lack of useful controls it will be limited to the same crappy games already on the iPhone.
The zune hd is a mp3/video player. Adding tactile controls would increase the foot print of the console drasticly and reduce its use as a mp3/video player. Right now i can fit my zune in my pocket , its smaller than my phone while having a bigger screen. Adding tactile controls you run into the dsi or psp problem which is to big.

To do halo right you'd need a slew of buttons on the scale of the xbox controller. Which looking at my 360 controller would add 2 anlog sticks , a d pad , 4 face buttons 2 trigger and 2 shoulder buttons . Even getting rid of half of that would drasticly increase the size of the zune
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