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The tegra will hae to render and apply effects and textures to half the res (320x240 vs 640x480) But what of the cpu ? The cpu in the xbox is surely more powerfull than the arm cpu in the tegra. So your going to be looking at a problem with the A.I
Like you said, the Xbox was 640x480, or 307,200 pixel per frame. The Zune HD is 480x272, or 130,560 pixel per frame, or 42.5% of the Xbox's native resolution. The Xbox ran at 24-bit color, but on a smaller screen you can get away with 16-bit, which drops the fill rate requirement another 33%. You can also get away with applying fewer effect. Overall, the Zune HD would only need to be 35-40% as powerful as the NV2A in the Xbox, and they could get away with a similar look in a game. However, it's confirmed that the upcoming 45nm Tegra APX2600 is about as powerful as an Xbox.That tells me that the current Tegra is within striking distance, maybe about 25% short. So, it can do it. Like you said, the main problem will be the control scheme.

Then you have a ram problem. The xbox had 64 gigs. What does the tegra have ? A few megs ? Thats the major problem
The Xbox had 64MEGS of RAM. The 2nd gen iPhone and iPod Touch had 128MB of RAM, while the 3rd gen has 256MB. It's a safe assumption that given modenr mobile specs, the Zune HD has at least 128MB of RAM.

So in terms of graphics and complexity, the Zune HD should be able to handle any Xbox (not 360) port. The scaling down would be well hidden by the smaller screen. Like you said, again, it's the control scheme that will cause the biggest problems.
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