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Default U3 with USB - Charge / Transfer Mode

anytime i connect my U3 it's in transfer mode, but sometimes the U3 Display says charging...

can i load mp3s onto it while chargin, or can i activate transfers while charging?

It's so allonying that it is jsut charging when i want to fill it with mp3. It says "Charging" and i cant copy anthing to it. it's connected to usb...

when i plug it off and then on again it stil lsays charging - i want to transfer stuff - NOT - charging...
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Default Charging vs Connected

I have similar problem with a USB wall charger. I want to listen to the U3 while recharging.

On a PC I can "disconnect hardware" and then I can listen to the U3 via the headphones.
When using the wall charger it shows the connected PC icon and does not allow me to switch to the charging icon. Note that when it shows the charging battery icon, the U3 can be switched on and used. Once I managed to make it to show the charging icon by disconnecting and reconnecting the wall charger. It doesn't always work and there is some risk in making the U3 freeze though (had to use the reset button).

Is there a good way to instruct the U3 that this is not a computer, but only USB charger? Then it should show the 'charging' battery icon, not the PC icon.

This can be very useful when you recharge it from a portable battery charger like the TurboCharge . You can then carry it in your pocket and listen to it while recharging. (Otherwise now you will not be able to listen to the MP3 player while recharging.)

Any hints will be appreciated
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Thanks so much for sharing the post.
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