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Originally Posted by a_tumiwa View Post
does the battery depleted itself when you are not used it for 3-5 days??
This seems to be a hardware/battery flaw of some old Sansas. I have one that depletes itself within days, and another one that works fine. This is not the standard with Clip v1/v2's... If your Clip+ does that, just RMA it and get a new one.

Originally Posted by boechat View Post
nobody interested in scrobblings? dang!

oh, rockbox, come quick
I'm very interested in scrobbling, and I mentioned that already in the feature request list of the old Clip (linked in the first post of this thread). But it seems that the way Sandisk implemented MTP on this player doesn't store track counts, so it doesn't work with Zenses - and MSC scrobbling would need a text-write mechanism similar to Rockbox anyways.

So yeah, same as you, I can't wait for Rockbox to work on the Clip+. Not just because of scrobbling, but dozens of other features we will never get from Sandisk as well.
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