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Default Playing Single File

"You can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent."

Great quote, but so far the S9 is so far ahead of me, I think I'm getting dumber rather than smarter.

OK. question ... please someone tell me how to play a song. One single song. Or add one single song to favorites and have it play and not move on to stuff I don't want to hear.

Here's the issue. I click album, artist or song in the browser. The list opens. I select a song -- 1 file -- I double click it and it plays and it loads every other song in that category, the entire album or 4,000 song list, into the virtual "now playing list." (I say virtual because there is no real now playing list per se.)

So my one song plays and than all the other songs play ...

Scenario 2: I select a song and add it to favorites. It plays like it's supposed to but when finished, instead of stopping or replaying the favorites list it just moves along and begins playing all the other songs in the album I added (or the whole track list) the favorite from even though those aren't listed in the favorites list.

This is driving me nuts. Here's what I'd like to do. (I only bought the Cowon because it is alleged to do on-the-fly playlists and most other high-end players, thanks a lot MS and Sony, don't.)

Sitting on an airplane, for example, you play a couple of tunes and decide you'd like to hear songs a. b. and c. after them ... you browse your tracks, select the ones you want, press something like an add to queue (aka favorites) button and they begin playing after the songs you've already queued up and stop.

Seems so simple, but it can be done. Why, oh why, can't any PMP maker get these interface issues right. Why don't they spend a few hundred bucks and buy their chief designer a Sonos controller or license Sonos front end ... it's so, so bloody simple, select a song while the Sonos is playing and three choices pop up: Play Now, Play Next and Add to End of Queue.

That ain't rocket science, bro, and it ain't beyond the capabilities of the processors in today's PMPs either. All the problems in this area, especially those at companies with totally mindless features like (hi, again, Sony) external rockers that DON'T control volume are because the engineers at these companies don't listen to music -- at least not on their own devices.

Thanks for the help. Maybe I need a different UCI to do what I want. Is their one that would?
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Pick a song from the song track list. In the Now Playing screen, tap the second icon from the left to bring up the shuffle options popup. Of the three icons the right should be "1". If it's "All" or the folder icon the songs play on. Now tap the left of the three until you see a right pointing arrow bumping into a wall. You may have to flip the bottom row to get to the play options icon.

Let me know if that works for you. It works for me with the default Music player.
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ekb606 raises a good point, the lack of add to queue. Has this issue been addressed by Cowon in a new firmware release? Or is there a UCI that can support adding new tunes to what is currently being played?
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I too would like an on-the-go queue. I'm guessing it'll be in the firmware updates at some point, but there's no way to know for sure.

Anyway, judging from the strange behaviors it's exhibiting, I'd say you have a case of abnormal functionality...try downgrading the firmware, then upgrading, reloading some files, etc. Hell, give it a reset. If nothing else works...sounds like a job for a format. Sorry bud.
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Default On second thought, the issue is deeper

Thanks for all the replies, the queue thing really bothers me more than the behavior of the boundary feature -- which on research seems to be flaky on all Cowon players, past and current.

But the queuing is so important and offers Cowon a chance to really integrate a feature that would set it far ahead of Sony (which refuses to offer even something as basic as the Cowon favorites feature in their $300+ players) and Microsoft. (Don't know about iPod, I'm Applephobic they may or may not offer a decent queuing option

The problem is, I think, Cowon believes their favorites list is a queue, which in a sense it is but in reality isn't. A real music queue would allow you to add albums or artists as well as single songs, it would work with minimal going back and forth to menus, up arrows, sideways arrows,etc.

Most of all it would allow three things:

1. Select songs and send to now playing queue at anytime -- even when music isn't playing.

2. Add a song to the queue with the option of placing it after the currently playing song or at the end of the queue.

3. Last but definitely not least, by definition a queue is temporary in nature ... there has to be a one-click accessible "clear queue" option or it is not a queue, it is a playlist (which by definition is a semi -permanent collection of songs.

Regarding 3, Claw's UCI does (thank's Claw) have a clear queue option, but as far as I can figure out you have to enter utilities, user settings, music and maybe one or two other menus to get to it. Since Cowon has so far refused to address this issue in firmware, maybe Claw could move that function to a button on the music screen.

The thing that bothers me is that none of these companies, particularly Sony, which is the worst, seen to understand that music is all about mood. When I turn on my player I don't necessarily -- almost never, in fact -- want to hear the same songs I heard the last time.

Frequently, I don't want to hear any of my playlists either. What I have in my head is four or five songs I'd like to hear RIGHT NOW to begin with and maybe than switch to a playlist or just random play of the whole library or a specific genre or whatever.

Why can't someone create a PMP that will allow people like me to turn the thing on, clear the now playing list and add those four or five songs without a hassle?

As I said before, this ain't rocket science. Every PC-based music player from barebones ones like Foobar 2000 to resource hogs like Winamp offer this. Every network player like Sonos and Slingbook offer it.

All a PMP is, really, is a computer-based digital music player with an integrated display screen and operating controls, it can't be that hard to implement something so basic as add to now playing and clear now playing into the firmware.
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