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Though I made a separate thread for this, a bug: the bottom few pixels of the yellow titles are a bit scrambled, though the battery indicator is fine.

GAPLESS FOR LAME MP3 - I got really excited about this but I can still hear a tiny break in the cheering on live albums. Unless this is just loading/buffering time...

More choices for what a long select does - now we have "Add to Go List" and "Rate Song." Should be able to choose EQ, Song info, etc.

Pan/balance - I might not use it but tons of people would. Besides, I don't think this is hard to implement.

Better equalizer - the current one sucks. At least use a few lines to mark the +/-dB values. 7-band or even stereo (separate settings for right and left) would be nice.

A filler mSD - ship new players with a plastic microSD in the slot to block dust for those who won't use the slot.

Rockbox would add almost all of this except the 7-band/stereo EQ.
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