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Default Clip+ FM volume extremely loud at lowest setting

Anyone experiencing obnoxiously high volumes for the FM tuner when set on the very lowest volume setting on their Clip+? It sounds loud even when listening on a rumbling bus with a lot of ambient noise, and is very uncomfortable in quieter settings. The FM volume distribution isn't great either, I need to go halfway up the scale before hearing any noticeable increase, and at max it only sounds 2-3x louder than the min.

Do I have a defective product, or is this something the firmware can handle?

I actually find the standard MP3 minimum volume to a tad high as well, not uncomfortable, but too high for when you want to listen while falling asleep. I know about the custom EQ trick to reduce overall volume, but if the FM tuner is busted, I'd rather exchange my Clip+ see if it makes a difference with music as well.

My main complaint is volume distribution in general, the minimum levels for both FM and music need to be much, much lower, but each "step" up should increase at a faster rate. And actually I think the max volume could stand to be higher as well.
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I'm not much help with the + but I had the vol condition you mention with the clip b4 i did a firmware upgrade. Very smooth vol operation now.
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I can verify that - the Clip+ FM radio is actually a lot worse than the old Clip v1 volume bug. It's much too loud on the lowest volume when using high sensitivity IEMs. MP3 playback is much better, volume-wise. Certainly a firmware bug that needs to be fixed.

EDIT: I started a Clip+ bug/feature thread:
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I agree I mentioned that in my cNet review of the Clip+. I also gave it 5 stars.
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