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Default Cowon S9 Stock Dwindling?

I have noticed lately that most S9 sellers have them on sale, and a couple of the sites that display real-time stock don't appear to be ordering any you think this means a new player is coming in Q4, or is it just because of the recent price drop?
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Speculating on cowon's new releases is a pointless game. Only way to tell if something new is coming from them is if they've released it.
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I think Prices on Cowon's always drop over time.
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With the new Zune HD out, Cowon's S9 has been forced to lower it's price. It's also possible Cowon is working on a WiFi version to update the S9 with. They are selling the Mintpass Mintpad on their U.S. retail sites and it's got WiFi. They may be trading technology with the MintPass company in exchange for help selling.
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I've been asking at advancedmp3players about price cuts, and I've been getting no reply. So we can only hope for the best. Although it's shocking that in the UK the cowon is pretty much the most expensive flash player, save the 64gb touch.
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I know how you feel...things never sell at exchange rate in Canada either. I suppose it's worse in the UK though.

I don't know if I should get my S9 now or if I should bother waiting until Dec-Jan for potential news. It would be disappointing if I bought one and a month later they dropped the price again, or came out with a new one.
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I've never seen Cowons at really cheap prices here in the EU... they just don't drop that much. Well, guess that's what you get with quality products.
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